Priorities for 2023 and 2024

Fiscal Oversight

Establish a fiscal oversight committee.  The Dutchess County Legislature authorizes an annual budget of more than $500,000,000 but performs little fiscal oversight after that authorization. The legislature needs to analyze why the County has continually experienced major cost overruns in capital projects over the last five years and whether current programs designed to resolve social problems like mental health and drug addiction are working and the best way use our tax dollars. Standing committees need to ask hard questions of department heads to gain the information to create good policy.



Invest in our children.  As an educator, I know the importance of preparing students to be engaged citizens who will contribute to our community.  We need to increase funding for Dutchess Community College and expand our partnerships with Dutchess BOCES other public and private higher education institutions to develop the home-grown labor force we need now and in the future. Workforce development provides middle-class opportunities for our youth and provides the skilled labor that businesses need.



Invest in our workers.  As an active union member and strong union advocate, I understand that labor is the backbone of our community and local economy. Workers shop and dine at local businesses and keep the economy going. Public sector employees are critical to our local communities and privatization of public services should be halted. Fair contracts should be offered and negotiated in good faith in recognition of the hard work that laborers provide.


Economic Development and Business Growth

Invest in infrastructure. Small businesses are essential to our community and infrastructure is critical to helping develop home-grown companies and attract investment. With a work force training incentive-based system for attracting business, Dutchess County could use abundant transportation networks to attract more manufacturers of Green Energy components. Dutchess County can also become a hub for Green Energy Research and Development by expanding broadband. Such incentives and investments mean local laborers are hired for construction and would ultimately bring higher paying job opportunities to the county.